What we do at Patriot Excavating and Paving is more than digging holes and moving earth.  We are the first step in providing stable foundations to develop and create big ideas and expansive projects.

We are the very first step in making your construction dreams a reality.

No matter what your development project, we understand that having a firm and reliable piece of earth to build on needs to be the very first step in successful long-term planning.  Poorly executed demolitions or excavations can create costly problems in multiple areas like uneven settling, rock creep, erosion or issues with surface draining.

Patriot Excavating and Paving is building our reputation as one of the fastest growing site development contractors for Lake and Porter Counties in Northwest Indiana.  This includes residential and commercials projects in Chesterton, Valparaiso, Crown Point, Portage and Dyer, Indiana.   We pledge to be cost-effective for most any project in this region of Indiana.

Why Choose Patriot Excavating and Paving?

Family owned and flexible!  We are small enough to connect with the community but large enough to have ample resources to handle projects of ANY size.

We’re cost effective.  We are pledged to keep our project bids affordable – without compromising the quality of each project.  It’s important for Patriot Excaving and Paving to provide VALUE to our clients.

We care about client satisfaction.  We strive to be a leading development contractor in Indiana – and, to achieve that goal, we have to address our customers’ needs on EVERY job we take.  In our day-to-day operations, we treat our customers, vendors and employees with integrity, honesty and respect.

Get a FREE PROJECT ESTIMATE from Patriot Excavating and Paving

We want to be your trusted partner in your next major construction project or demolition including:

  • Land Clearing
  • Ponds – Residential and Commercial sites
  • Foundations – Residential and Commercial
  • Culverts and ditch work
  • Paving – Commercial
  • Driveways – Residential
  • Site grading
  • Demolitions

For FREE ESTIMATES on full construction site work in northwest Indiana, call Patriot Excavating and Paving at (219) 688-0261 – or, CONTACT US here